I've always had a strange relationship with type. I've never been the type of designer or creative person in command of tight, beautifully curated blocks or 
most certainly, I'm no master typographer.

the idea of type almost not being there, translucent to words it contains and the to the reads eye as is glides effortless over patterned letterforms and words - like gazing through a window
but I've always loved the shapes a forms of letters
the more expressive and artistic potential of type and letter
and always an appreciation for type and beautifully designed and utilised fonts and type

lots of images, show some work
McT Monotype - alt predator, submission cover etc.
type posters
Share Cardiff??

black tongue ? - album titles, framed interesting
'from the cutting floor' ?
Recharge Right R's? Burn in Hell poster?

other examples? - hand drawn stuff? (if desperate) Share, bodloni, A2/GCSE etc.
Share rejects/additional stuff!

= just a display of work/sketchbook page of typography work = 
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