I'm Josh,
I'm an independent brand designer and creative.
I work on design projects across branding, animation, video and print. Whether it be with ambitious start-ups looking to make a meaningful change, or big businesses in need of creative support. Boardroom or coffee shop. 
I work with all sorts of people to help re-imagine, grow and put a meaningful mark on the world.
In 2017 I helped start Pawb-Everyone: a small design collective of like-minds creating innovative branding and design strategy for causes (we felt) the world really needed.
Design can encompass a lot of things, but for me it's just like building a brand:
It's about creating something bigger than one person. 
Making something worth believing in. 
Cultivating a culture - workplace or wider, for people to make their own.
Shared ownership.
Making a change.
And creating things with real value and meaning.

It's also about who you work with.
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