introductory video, or non-repeating gif? - logo fade in with tag?

This project was done as a part of Pawb-Everyone. 
/I did this project as part of a small team called? Pawb-Everyone
bodloni was a start-up that was looking to bring nourishment, community and re-empowerment around food and healthy eating through it's people-focused business.
needs: The need for good healthy food, for re-empowerment and agency around what we eat; and the need for businesses to be honest and trustworthy and for new brands to call for participation [and ownership?]  from their audiences. 
- mention locally sourced somewhere
make/keep nice and visual!
it means, "to satisfy..." - do not spell out!...
part of this.... bodloni’s packaging ... was a plaftorm for artists (and everyday people) to share their creative thoughts, ideas and views, or to simply express themselves. To ultimately, celebrate their engagement with the bodloni story.
from/ with art classes, food workshops, school programs, healthy eating initiatives, work with homeless people or even food relief programs at home and aboard. The brand was to stand for something and invite people to contribute as active participants to something worth believing in. To be more than just passive 'consumers.'
leading into the visualising of the 'entire' brand... (below)

edit main copy here

trim horizontally -  mural, but could leave as is - as shows the idea of people no the go: convenience - may need to add to copy

do a graphic - "anyone, anywhere and on the go" etc.????

instagram/social media page??

need images like Angelo had of bodloni logo and design stuff 
mocked up 
on walls 
posters etc

can I find these? - ask him?... :/

show actual packet artwork?! mocked-up on the street
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