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Show this as a more 'speculative project'
small/within some container?/boarder/layout device. ? group images/imagery all together?
Brief for a campaign "to bring/convince young professionals and graduates to relocate to Cardiff"
(deliverables, logo, concept, social media example/post, colours)

[Cardiff is a city of welsh pride, warm atmosphere, smiling faces, new experiences, hidden loves, passion and dreams. It is a unique city of unique opportunities, made up of diverse people and places. A little city with a big heart. Of many shared spaces and different stories. -  As the Welsh capital Cardiff is for many a first step into Wales. A first encounter with any kind of Welsh culture and of the amazing things Cardiff and Wales have to offer. It is a beautiful place to live with an identity all of it’s own.]
As the welsh capital Cardiff is privileged to host much of the forefront of Welsh music, food, art, design, TV, lm entertainment and culture. For many Cardiff is a brilliant introduction to the amazing things and places Wales has to offer. And with Cardiff beginning to open up to the wider world why not share the stories and opportunities that lie with Cardiff. And why not position Cardiff as a perfect stepping point for discovering what Wales has to offer.
"visually-lead'!! (it was!) and can let the images and idea speak for itself.
//mock up all banners!
partnership with Visit Wales etc.


in partnership with Visit Wales (or their own shots produced by CsiW!)

cardiff? /people

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fix colours?? if possible...

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