The D&AD New Blood awards are an annual competition for up-and-coming student and professional designers and creatives. In 2015 I chose to tackle that year's competition brief from type foundry Monotype.
The brief was to reinvent film advertising with a focus on words and typography. Using a director of our choice we were to promote a screening of number of their films. I chose base my work on 80's action blockbuster legend, John McTiernan.
With my response to the brief I wanted to say something about McTiernan’s brilliant understanding and use of location, setting, space and environment. The campaign was based around exploring how type could interact with space, and also utilized augmented reality to the create the opportunity for interaction with the 'real-world' printed outcomes and the spaces that these would be encountered in. 
poster mock-ups in 16:9? - + nudge right?
The main point of contact for promoting the event would be the posters. These were based off of three of Mctiernan's films selected for the proposed screening: Die Hard, Predator and Last Action Hero. Each poster was based on utilising spaces, locations and themes from the films and interacting  and exploring these with typography.


To further bring this sense of space and environment to life, an AR App allowed for interaction with the posters directly in the wild, animating them in real time, as real moving spaces. This also provided key links and info for people to buy tickets, participate in competitions and access any other marketing or information for the festival.

Special edition souvenir tickets for the event would also be another touch point, and interactive in the same way as the posters on their reverse-side images.
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