Shōrin-zu byōbu, Shōrin-zu byōbu (Screens Left and Right)

side by side?
Hasegawa Tohaku's Pine Trees is a piece of beautiful ink paintings painted sometime in the 16th century and painted acorss 12 paper? screens. It is, to me a key piece of the Japanese field? of 'wabi-sabi' - a philosophy? of aesetheics----- (though it's roots and indeed its key tennents have philsosphical and metaphisycial concepts that enagage directly which each peice and inded the process of creation itself.)
A school, idealogy? of thought, culture aetshetics (relgion? to soem degree)? I am greatly emphaticated with. And one that exists as incompatable with my work as a graphic designer - an antitheseis to the western ideas that created what we now call grpahic design....

explain as two screens side by side left and right (if not shown as)


Japanese tea ceremony?

to describe it too much is really to contradict the ideas and the sense of mood trying to be instilled

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