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Discussion of Share Cardiff brand and concepts and main trusts behind taking the direction that we did
why and how
Largely online and, initially, connecting and interacting/introducing to people? online through social media
important to still build something versatile enough for whatever direction Share might take... but also it fitted their needs at this stage, with still a wide scope for growth and development for the visual identity
also how it has worked looking back with some time from launch
main purpose of this post is to talk about what allowed the project/brand to work - yeah?
and also talk more/flesh out the ideas/concept
online brands don't need to be static, old fashioned - new ideas!...

Share Cardiff: Unconventional Branding/from the ground up?
Our familiarity with navigating online brands allowed for a less static, less conventional approach to Share Cardiff's visual identity; whilst still bringing forth it's central ideas of varied voices, and varied contributions.
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