This project was for St David's Dewi Sant in Cardiff. The brief was to make use of a key first floor space within the centre's south building in order to draw more interest and footfall to the space relieving congestion from the central areas of the centre.
My pitch for the project was to create an interactive light installation, inspired by St David's existing visual identity, the concept being to create an interactive 'flock' for people to interact with in the space. The idea being to creating a fun, engaging spectacle for member's of the public, that made full use of the incredible space.

trim/zoom? 5%

The flock could be called down by creating different shapes against the site walls that the flock would then trace, settling around the outline. Moving away again would then startle the flock up into a dramatic display, varying with the sharpness and shape of the person moving away, causing the flock to spook, flying around the space and even warping the right-hand signage as it moved.
When not directly interacting with people, the flock would swarm around the space moving like a flock of starlings through the space, creating arresting shapes and moving in a way that was visually engaging and elegent.
images of starlings? then video - or gif? ?! stills or drawings?
arrow to show moving away again ^
To create the piece, high intensity projection was to be used to create the visuals within the space (including way-finding signage on the right wall) and interaction with the flock achieved using motion tracking and digital mapping of people's shapes and movements that the flock could then interact and react with.

Show signage warping here? Left unaltered - R being warped
Or even L being warped from below and R from above.

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