This project was a live brief to create an installation within St David's 2: the south building of the St David's Dewi Sant shopping centre in Cardiff. The brief was to make use of a key first floor space within the centre to draw more interest and attention to the space and relieve congestion from the central areas of the centre.
My pitch was to create an interactive large scale light installation, inspired by St David's existing visual identity, the concept for the piece was to create an intelligent 'flock' that could see and interact with people in the space, creating an enjoyable and engaging spectacle and experience that made full use of the incredible site space.
The main concept behind the interaction was for people to be able to call down the flock by creating different shapes with their bodies that the flock would then trace, and then 'startling' the flock away into varying dramatic displays up and down the space.
Moving like a swarm of starling the flock would be able to create beautiful and arresting shapes as it moved throughout the space, even when people were not directing interacting with the piece.
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