So music………… my first significant experience with music was in Primary school - on one of the last days of primary, you know when everyone’s allowed to bring in board games, literally one of the last days - one kid, Gregg brings in the Gun’s N’ Roses greatest hits album and we got to listen to it!

(Then) In high school, very similarly a kid I’d made friends with called Nathaniel (had) brought in his ZUNE and showed me a song by a band called HammerFall - who were a very lame power metal band.
At around the same time Trivium just released their second album and the first single off that was strangle really popular at our school. Everyone was listening to it - the chavs, the Emos, the mopheads - which was weird, but that was a big deal. I listened to the rest of the album and that started turning me on to more metal, screamo. That albums still really great, really seminal and Trivium have been a staple for me ever since.
Another big memory is going into the Games Workshop in town, which isn’t there anymore and they had the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on and thought: ‘this is fun.’ Then The Trooper by Iron Maiden came on and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Through Nick, the guy who made me play drums I got into a band called DragonForce - again VERY nerdy and lame… one of the first album’s I ever actually bought.
Emo stuff was also kicking off and later into high school Bullet for My Valentine would be a big deal for me. A7X - great drummer - just list?
Metallica was a HUGE band for me.
[I remember vividly being] lent the Black Album by my friend - BOB! Who is the other friend who lives in London. We’ve been friends since the first year of school. I still remember meeting him for the first time sitting near him in class and being like: ‘who the hell is this guy?’ And we’ve good friends ever since. ! He leant me it and I listened to it loads and Metallica would come back again strong later in high school with Master of Puppets. !
Most of my taste, really, came from my friends - showing each other songs and bands; sending each other stuff over MSN - you could also set it so everyone could see what you were listening to - GOOD GOOD TIMES.
Then starting to learn drums that influenced what I liked as well. The first songs I learned were AC/DC tracks - Keane, if you remember Keane?

Started getting into Slipknot, Joey Jordison was a HUGE influence on me and really popular with me and my friends. Travis Smith from Trivium, as well. (Jon Bonham?) Lamb of God, Chris Adler

Bob introduced me to a track by Killswitch Engage, fell in love with…
They were the first band I ever went to see. Supported by a band called In Flames - who I also really got into after…
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I noticed you said how influential Nirvana was for you, but you didn’t mention Dave Grohl as one of your favourite drummers? …

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Trivium, Killswitch have all been really big staples for me, I’ve seen most of them live. Each album that came out was a real big deal between me and my close group of friends and quite special.

Band!?!? (Metallica master of puppets?)

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In sixth form I got into a band called As I Laying Dying who I still LOVE. The frontman Tim Lambesis was basically my hero for a bit, had loads of side projects that I really loved, played multiple instruments and was a really talented song writer. August Burns Red were great as well.
A Day to Remember were the second band I ever saw live and that got me started into more Pop Punk bands…
In our graphics lessons I’d normally be sitting next Bob and be searching for music on YouTube for new things to listen to. This got me into a band called Carnifex and was when I started? listening to Meshuggah.
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Later in uni....
recently...? bands bands bands
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